Why I’m jealous of John Hawks

johnhawks.jpgLook at this bitch. No, seriously, check it out, he has this long ass post on fossils and paleoanthropology. How the hell am I supposed blog about human evolution with some pride & self-respect if John Hawks has to cover every damn angle!!!. I know a little about fossils, words like stratigraphy don’t terrorize me, but I just don’t have all the details of every damn fossil at the Awash site or Sterkfontein in my head. Fossils make me want to tear my hair out, how the hell am I supposed to ascertain if the Hobbit is a new species or a pathology? Hawks on the other hand looks at pictures and comes up with the conclusion that they are “without a doubt” a pathology. I can look at hotcaptcha and say, “without a doubt, butt ugly,” but a bunch of bones???
1) Yes, you should make sure to read John Hawks
2) But tell him to stop giving it up for free, the town slut is making it hard for the whores to put bread on the table

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