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Seeing as I might get an influx of people curious about me after reading my piece in The New York Times, I thought it might be useful to put some links to posts which are representative of my oeuvre. In the wake of the paper Comparative analysis of the domestic cat genome reveals genetic signatures underlying feline biology and domestication, I wrote up something for this blog, A Feline Genome in Full as well. It’s a bit more enriched on the “nerd quotient” than the piece in The New York Times.

I have been blogging since mid 2002, and my interests range widely, though there’s a consistent central focus on evolutionary genetics (here’s my , and my ). If you find some of the posts here abstruse, a read of would clarify things a great deal. Here are a few genetics posts of interest:

1 in 200 men direct descendants of Genghis Khan
The Paradigm Is Dead, Long Live the Paradigm!
The Paternity Myth: The Rarity of Cuckoldry
Why Race as a Biological Construct Matters
One Gene to Banish One Concept
Our Ancestry as a Braided Estuary
“Missing Heritability” – Interaction Edition

Here are some non-genetics pieces:

The Islamic State Is Right About Some Things
ISIS’ Willing Executioners
A Quantitative Ecologist Looks at World History (Again)
How Turan Invented Islam
How the Swedes Became White

My newborn son was in the news this summer. We believe he’s the first healthy human baby born with his whole genome already sequenced.

Over the years, I’ve posed sets of ten questions to scholars and thinkers I value from various fields. Here are a few favorites:

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