The year shall belong to those who finish

Seeing as how I have three children, I don’t think I’m admitting my virginity when I admit that I am mildly excited that Brandon Sanderson’s third volume of his ten volume , , is coming out in the fall.

Sanderson writes at a fast clip and finishes lots of books. Yes, his prose doesn’t stay with you like that of some other fantasists. But after all the years waiting for the next volume of , there’s something to be said for actually delivering something to the public.

Not that I myself get through many works of fiction per year anymore. I’ve had on my Kindle for seven years now. I keep waiting for the final entry so I can just finish the last two in one sitting. And yes, there’s . All in good time….

One thought on “The year shall belong to those who finish

  1. Seveneves is great if you can get past the parts where Neil Degrasse Tyson, Peter Thiel, and Malala Yousafzai go to space.

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