23andMe ancestry only is $49.99 for Prime Day

23andMe has ! For those of us who bought kits (albeit more fully featured) at $399 or even more this is pretty incredible. But from what I’m to understand these sorts of SNP-chips are now possible to purchase from Illumina for well less than $50 so this isn’t charitable.

At minimum a way to get a raw genotype you can bank later.

7 thoughts on “23andMe ancestry only is $49.99 for Prime Day

  1. Just impulse purchased this. I can remember watching 23&Me’s price drop steadily while I waited for it to get even lower when the FDA intervened and the company’s business model changed. I ended up purchasing ancestry’s kit a few months ago and still haven’t unlocked the data, so this might be too impulsive, but I was always curious to see how the three main company’s modeling differed and I’ll buy a $49 book for curiosity.

  2. Can this be upgraded to the full health version, but still at a lower value than purchasing the whole thing at once ($200)?

  3. Never mind. If you go to the actual 23&Me website, I can get the health + ancestry version for $129 for today only.

  4. This kind of deal is great for testing as many family members as possible.

    Having that data will add a lot of value to your own more expensive full sequence.

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