People often ask me which pop-gen book they should read to understand some of the content on this site.
Below are a list I've found useful.

Main Text

 An Introduction to Population Genetics Theory[1]​.
An old classic.
Heavy on theory and derivation.
Not relevant to modern concerns.
Population Genetics: A Concise Guide[2]​.
The subtitle says it all.
The gentlest book on the list.
Principles of Population Genetics[3]​.
The Bible of population genetics.
An Introduction to Quantitative Genetics[4]​.
The Bible of population genetics' sister field.
Elements of Evolutionary Genetics[5]​.
An encyclopedic survey which is framed by population genetics.
An Introduction to Population Genetics: Theory and Applications[6]​.
Relatively unpolished, but with an emphasis in genomic methods and questions of relevant to researchers working today.